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Question 1: It can also take advantage of the energy amplification possible from using available external heat, such as ________.
Solar powerSolar energyRenewable energySolar thermal energy

Question 2: The Pneumatic Quasiturbine engine is a compressed air ________ using a rhomboidal-shaped rotor whose sides are hinged at the vertices.
Pistonless rotary engineRadial engineReciprocating engineWankel engine

Question 3: The Energine Corporation is a ________ company that delivers fully-assembled cars running on a hybrid compressed air and electric engine.
SeoulSouth KoreaKorean PeninsulaNorth Korea

Question 4: EngineAir, an Australian company, is making a ________ powered by compressed air, called The Di Pietro motor.
Rotary engineTwo-stroke engineWankel engineRadial engine

Question 5: Some took this a stage further and burned fuel in the cylinder or turbine, forming a type of ________.
Internal combustion engineSpark-ignition engineStroke ratioAutomobile

Question 6: ________, drills, firearms, die grinders, dental drills and other pneumatic tools use a variety of air engines or motors.
Torque wrenchImpact wrenchAngle grinderBroaching (metalworking)

Question 7: Most successful early forms of self propelled ________ used high pressure compressed air, although this was superseded by internal or external combustion engines, steam engines, or electric motors.
BattleshipTorpedoNaval mineSubmarine

Question 8: At least one ________ has been powered by a quasiturbine.
Formula OneKart racingLewis HamiltonJuan Pablo Montoya

Question 9: The air is supplied by the load compressor of the aircraft's ________, or by ground equipment.
Annunciator panelAuxiliary power unitIce protection systemHydraulic fluid

Question 10: Since the Quasiturbine is a pure expansion engine, while the ________ and most other rotary engines are not, it is well-suited as a compressed fluid engine, air engine or air motor.
NSU Motorenwerke AGMazdaWankel engineFelix Wankel


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