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Composting toilet: Quiz


Question 1: This air movement (via ________ or fan forced) will vent carbon dioxide and odors.

Question 2: They may also be found in various places around Europe, like many of the roadside facilities in ________ (see image).

Question 3: This separated liquid may be diverted to a ________ system or collected for other uses.
Water purificationEcological sanitationGreywaterSewage treatment

Question 4: A composting toilet is an aerobic processing system that treats excreta, typically with no water or small volumes of flush water, via ________ or managed aerobic decomposition[1].
In-vessel compostingWindrow compostingCompostingHome composting

Question 5: Choi Building at the ________ (Canada), which features five composting toilet systems with 12 toilet stools that serve 300 employees.
University of British ColumbiaLiu Institute for Global IssuesMcGill UniversityUniversity of British Columbia Faculty of Law

Question 6: Increasingly, composting toilet systems are commonly used in ________ in public facilities.
BathtubFlush toiletUrinal (restroom)Outhouse

Question 7: Composting toilets are often used as an alternative to central ________ plants (sewers) or septic systems.
Industrial wastewater treatmentAnaerobic digestionSewage treatmentSewage sludge treatment


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