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Complement component 3: Quiz


Question 1: CLA: ________ - Decay accelerating factor - Factor I
Factor HComplement component 3ProteinC1-inhibitor

Question 2: Levels of C3 in the ________ may be measured to support or refute a particular medical diagnosis.
Red blood cellBlood plasmaPlateletBlood

Question 3: C3 plays a central role in the activation of ________.
Complement systemAlternative complement pathwayClassical complement pathwayMannan-binding lectin pathway

Question 4: Complement component 3 has been shown to interact with ________.
Factor HCD18ProperdinC1-inhibitor

Question 5: In humans it is encoded on chromosome 19 by a ________ called C3.

Question 6: Factor I can cleave C3b into C3c and C3d, the latter of which plays a role in enhancing ________ responses.
Adaptive immune systemPlasma cellT helper cellB cell

Question 7: This article incorporates text from the United States National Library of Medicine, which is in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyright infringementCopyrightPublic domain

Question 8: It plays a central role in the ________ and contributes to innate immunity.
Alternative complement pathwayComplement systemClassical complement pathwayMannan-binding lectin pathway

Question 9: Complement component 3, often simply called C3, is a protein of the ________.
Immune systemLymphatic systemToll-like receptorAdaptive immune system


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