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Question 1: In combos with a ________ player, the guitar player usually comps for soloists.
Electric guitarGuitarClassical guitarBass guitar

Question 2: Wynton Kelly and ________ are examples of pianists who are responsive when comping.
Herbie HancockMiles DavisJazzHerbie Hancock discography

Question 3: Oscar Peterson usually comped busily, while ________ comped sparsely.
Duke EllingtonCount BasieCount Basie Swings, Joe Williams SingsCount Basie Orchestra

Question 4: For instance, in a duo for ________ and bass, the saxophonist will usually comp during the bass solo by playing guide tones.
ClarinetSaxophoneChalumeauTenor saxophone

Question 5: Organ trios, a type of ensemble which poses particular comping challenges, since there are usually two chordal instruments which have to share the accompanying tasks (e.g., ________ and guitar)
Keith EmersonProgressive rockClonewheel organHammond organ

Question 6: If there is both a pianist and a guitarist, as sometimes occurs in organ trios or ________, they may either alternate comping or comp at the same time.
Swing musicJazzBig bandBebop

Question 7: A well-known example is the second half of "Take Five", with ________'s piano vamp comping for Joe Morello's drum solo.
Gerry MulliganDave BrubeckThe Dave Brubeck QuartetPaul Desmond

Question 8: In a standard jazz combo, the pianist or guitarist typically comps during the horn and ________ solos by improvising chords and improvised countermelodies.
Bass guitarCelloDouble bassViolin

Question 9: During a ________ solo the pianist sometimes comps, often using a predictable pattern of rhythmically-played chords called "hits".
NaqarehDafGoblet drumDrum

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