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Question 1: The use of ________ to specify the syntax of a language
Context-free grammarProgramming languageBackus–Naur FormExtended Backus–Naur Form

Question 2: This front-end/middle/back-end approach makes it possible to combine front ends for different languages with back ends for different ________.
Central processing unitReduced instruction set computerMicroprocessor64-bit

Question 3: This phase is also called lexing or scanning, and the software doing lexical analysis is called a ________ or scanner.
ParsingProgramming languageLexical analysisCompiler

Question 4: Techniques include developing the compiler using ________ and using rigorous testing (often called compiler validation) on an existing compiler.
Requirements analysisFormal methodsSoftware designSoftware engineering

Question 5: The token syntax is typically a regular language, so a ________ constructed from a regular expression can be used to recognize it.
Nondeterministic finite state machineFinite-state machineDeterministic finite-state machineTuring machine

Question 6: ________ involves parsing the token sequence to identify the syntactic structure of the program.
Compiler-compilerBottom-up parsingParsingCompiler

Question 7: The output of some compilers may target hardware at a very low level, for example a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) or structured ________ (ASIC).
MicrocontrollerSystem-on-a-chipApplication-specific integrated circuitCentral processing unit

Question 8: A language ________ is usually a program that translates the form of expressions without a change of language.
RewritingAbstract rewriting systemBinary relationSemi-Thue system

Question 9: Practical examples of this approach are the ________, LLVM, and the Amsterdam Compiler Kit, which have multiple front-ends, shared analysis and multiple back-ends.
GNU Compiler CollectionGNOMELinuxGNU General Public License

Question 10: For example, dependence analysis is crucial for ________.
Automatic parallelizationLoop interchangeCompiler optimizationLoop optimization


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