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Compilation of Final Fantasy VII: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenSephiroth (Final Fantasy)Cloud Strife

Question 2: Though ________ had been the primary composer for the original game, he had very little involvement with the music of the new titles.
Final Fantasy VIIIFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy concertsNobuo Uematsu

Question 3: Spearheaded by ________ and Yoshinori Kitase,[1][2][3] the series consists of several titles across various platforms, all of which are extensions of the Final Fantasy VII story.
Final Fantasy IVYoshitaka AmanoKingdom HeartsTetsuya Nomura

Question 4:
  • ________
    Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenCloud Strife

Question 5: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is the formal title for a series of games and animated features developed by Square Enix based in the world and continuity of ________.
Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy X

Question 6: [17][18][19] Special editions of the film included Last Order: Final Fantasy VII, an ________ produced by Madhouse that recounts the destruction of Nibelheim.
Original video animationDirect-to-videoAnimeSaint Seiya

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