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Question 1: Adjudicative competence has been developed through a body of ________ in the United States.
Common lawCivil law (legal system)Reception statuteSharia

Question 2: In 1989, Kenneth Curtis of ________ was initially found mentally incompetent to stand trial following the murder of his estranged girlfriend.
Fairfield, ConnecticutBridgeport, ConnecticutTrumbull, ConnecticutStratford, Connecticut

Question 3: ________ (2003)
Clarence ThomasSell v. United StatesRiggins v. NevadaWashington v. Harper

Question 4: An inmate on ________ has a right to be evaluated for competency by a psychologist to determine if sentence can be carried out.
Death row phenomenonExecution chamberDeath rowCapital punishment

Question 5: Defendants that do not possess sufficient "competence" are usually excluded from criminal ________, while witnesses found not to possess requisite competence cannot testify.
United StatesScots lawLawyerProsecutor

Question 6: Competency was used to determine whether individual Indians could use land that was allotted to them from the General Allotment Act (GAA) also known as the ________.
Dawes RollsIndian Removal ActDawes ActOklahoma Indian Welfare Act

Question 7: This is a result of Ford v. Wainwright, a case filed by a ________ inmate on death row who took his case to the United States Supreme Court, declaring he was not competent to be executed.
North CarolinaNew JerseyMassachusettsFlorida

Question 8: The word incompetent is also used to describe persons who lack mental capacity to make ________, handle their financial and other personal matters such as consenting to medical treatment, etc.
ShariaDelegation (law)DuressContract

Question 9: In United States law, this protection has been ruled by the ________ to be guaranteed under the due process clause.
United States courts of appealsUnited States CongressSupreme Court of the United StatesUnited States Constitution


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