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Question 1: The ________ has seen the rise of democratized, online compendia in various fields.
22nd century21st century20th century2000s (decade)

Question 2: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales started Wikia in ________ with the mission of centralizing, connecting, and standardizing various online compendium communities.

Question 3: The ________ is another example of a compendium - a group of many writings of the prophets and apostles over a space of time, whose books are put together to form the New Testament and the Old Testament.
Christianity and JudaismNevi'imBibleBiblical canon

Question 4: A compendium is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of ________.

Question 5: In most cases the body of knowledge will concern some delimited field of human interest or endeavour (for example, hydrogeology, logology, ichthyology, phytosociology, or myrmecology), while a "universal" ________ can be referred to as a compendium of all human knowledge.
Natural History (Pliny)Encyclopædia BritannicaEncyclopediaDictionary


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