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Comparison of Canadian and American health care systems: Quiz


Question 1: For example, the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 provided grants and loans to subsidize ________ and contained provisions to stimulate their popularity.
Managed careHealth maintenance organizationHealth care in the United StatesHealth insurance in the United States

Question 2: The largely ________, Mexican, Central, and South American Hispanic populations had somewhat lower NMR and PMR.
MestizoMexican AmericanHispanic and Latino AmericansZambo

Question 3: [132] In 2004, health care cost ________ $5.8 billion, and increased to $7 billion.
General MotorsChryslerMotors Liquidation CompanyGeneral Motors Chapter 11 reorganization

Question 4: Though few studies have been published concerning the health of ________, health disparities between whites and blacks in the U.S.
African diasporaAfrican AmericanBlack BritishBlack Canadians

Question 5: spends more per capita than any other nation in the world,[11] but is the only wealthy industrialized country in the world that lacks some form of ________.
United KingdomUniversal health careHealth care systemUnited States

Question 6: is one of three ________ countries not to have some form of universal health coverage; the other two being Turkey and Mexico.
United KingdomNATOItalyOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Question 7: have enacted laws to promote ________.
Medicare (United States)Health maintenance organizationConsumer-driven health careHealth savings account

Question 8: According to the ________, 59.3% of U.S.
New EnglandSouthern United StatesUnited States Census BureauMidwestern United States

Question 9: ________ (including international comparisons)
Healthcare reformHealth care systemHealth economicsHealth policy

Question 10: The federal government also runs the ________, which provides care to veterans, their families, and survivors through medical centers and clinics.
United States Department of DefenseUnited States Department of WarUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityUnited States Department of Veterans Affairs

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