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Company rule in India: Quiz


Question 1: By the mid-eighteength century, the British too had completed a century and a half in India, and had a burgeoning presence in the three presidency towns of Madras, ________, and Calcutta.
Nariman PointSalsette IslandNavi MumbaiMumbai

Question 2:
What region does Company rule in India belong to?
South-West Bosnia and Herzegovina
Primarily south-east Arizona
Southern Fujian province, Taiwan, Southeast Asia
South Asia

Question 3: The ________ (hereafter, the Company) was founded in 1600, as The Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies.
East India CompanyChartered companyDutch East India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 4:
What is the capital of Company rule in India?
Tallahassee, Florida

Question 5: The first Telegraph Act for India was the ________'s Act XXXIV of 1854.
Politics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomConstitution of the United KingdomMonarchy of the United Kingdom

Question 6: In 1839, the ________, Lord Auckland, with the Court's assent, granted funds to Cautley for a full survey of the swath of land that underlay and fringed the projected course of the canal.
Governor General of CanadaGovernor-General of IndiaBritish RajGovernor-General

Question 7: It led in 1800 to the founding of the ________, in Calcutta by Lord Wellesley, the then Governor-General.
Kazi Nazrul IslamMichael Madhusudan DuttFort William CollegeScottish Church College, Calcutta

Question 8:
Where does Company rule in India come from?

Question 9: Another victory in the 1764 Battle of Buxar (in Bihar), further consolidated the Company's power, and forced emperor Shah Alam II to appoint it the diwan, or revenue collector, of ________, Bihar, and Orissa.
West BengalBangladeshBengalIndia

Question 10: ________ was also unusual in being the first to rely on village headmen and panchāyats for cases involving small claims.
Chennai EgmoreChennai CentralChennaiMadras Presidency


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