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Question 1: ________ is declared dead in her original universe, though she is trapped in a parallel universe in "Doomsday" while trying to save the world from a war between Daleks, Cybermen and humans.
Jack HarknessCompanion (Doctor Who)Rose TylerTenth Doctor

Question 2: At the end of "The Waters of Mars", ________ kills herself to preserve a fixed point in time.
The Stolen EarthDalekJourney's End (Doctor Who)The Waters of Mars

Question 3: ________ sacrifices herself in order to kill Max Capricorn by driving him into a reactor core at the end of "Voyage of the Damned".
X (Kylie Minogue album)Kylie MinogueAstrid PethImpossible Princess

Question 4: ________ muses in its OrganGrinder blog, "How do you qualify?
The TimesThe ObserverThe IndependentThe Guardian

Question 5: Some companions (notably Katarina, ________, Adric and Kamelion) have died during the course of the series.
Sara KingdomCompanion (Doctor Who)The Daleks' Master PlanIan Chesterton

Question 6: In the Big Finish audio production The Gathering, ________ is described as having a terminal illness, though her actual death is not depicted.
Nyssa (Doctor Who)AdricCompanion (Doctor Who)Tegan Jovanka

Question 7: ________
List of Doctor Who supporting charactersList of companions in Doctor Who spin-offsCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 8: Another companion, Captain Jack Harkness, appears in the spin-off programme ________.
K-9 and CompanyDoctor WhoTorchwoodThe Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 9: Peri - Fifth Doctor to Sixth Doctor (________)
The Caves of AndrozaniThe Five DoctorsLogopolisCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 10: In an alternative timeline in "Turn Left", ________ dies from oxygen starvation when the Royal Hope hospital is transported to the moon.
Companion (Doctor Who)Sarah Jane SmithDoctor (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth


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