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Question 1: The post of Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the Comoros is held by a Banque de France official, who is responsible for ________.
Tax havenMonetary policyOpen market operationsFederal Reserve System

Question 2: On 26 December 1945, the Madagascar-Comores ________ was established and its value was fixed at 1.7 French francs.
CFA francComorian francCentral African CFA francWest African CFA franc

Question 3: This account is similar to overnight deposits with the French Treasury: it may bear ________ and may, in special circumstances, post a negative balance.
InterestBond (finance)Credit (finance)Debt

Question 4: Both of these phrases are references to programs by the United Nations ________.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionAzerbaijanCyprus

Question 5: Until 1994, the Comorian franc was pegged to the ________ at the rate of 50 Comorian francs to 1 French franc.
Belgian francFrench francLuxembourgish francMonegasque franc

Question 6: [citation needed] All three coins bore similar inscriptions, including the date 1308 AH, which corresponds to the ________ years 1890/91 AD.
TimeJulian calendarByzantine calendarGregorian calendar

Question 7: nothing in the agreements can be construed as implying an obligation for the ________ (ECB) or any national central bank to support the convertibility of the CFA and Comorian francs
EurozoneEconomic and Financial Affairs CouncilEuropean Central BankEuro Group

Question 8: Since 19 November 1999, all the central bank's official rates have been pegged to the Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA) leading to a stabilisation of ________ differentials with the euro.
Credit (finance)Interest rateDebtMoney supply

Question 9: On 26 June 1960, Madagascar gained independence from France, and the Institut d'Émission Malgache (headquartered in ________) was created to issue currency only for Madagascar.
Addis AbabaAlgiersAntananarivoNairobi

Question 10: In the 1920s, a shortage of coins led to the issuance of private tokens by the principal colonial company on Ngazidja and a sugar plantation on ________.
FranceRéunionMayotteBritish Indian Ocean Territory


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