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Communities, regions and language areas of Belgium: Quiz


Question 1: Flanders contains five provinces: West Flanders, ________, Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Limburg
OudenaardeAalst, BelgiumSint-NiklaasEast Flanders

Question 2: ________ is part of Flanders, but only for all its Flemish inhabitants and local institutions (which indeed live in both the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region).

Question 3: Since, the unified institutions exercise all their power and competencies (see also: ________ and Flemish Government).
Flemish ParliamentBelgian Federal ParliamentBelgian SenateBelgian general election, 2007

Question 4: French can be used for certain administrative purposes in a neat dozen so-called "municipalities with language facilities" around the Brussels-Capital Region and at the border with the ________.
Walloon Region (federal region)LiègeBelgiumWallonia

Question 5: Dutch however, may be used for administrative purposes in the four ________ at the border with Flanders, and German in two such municipalities near the German-speaking Community.
Municipalities with language facilitiesBrusselsEupen-MalmedySt. Vith

Question 6: It contains ________, which acts both as federal and regional capital, and in total 19 municipalities.

Question 7: The language areas have no offices or powers and exist ________ as geographical circumscriptions, serving only to delineate the empowered subdivisions.
MoroccoUnited StatesUnited KingdomDe facto

Question 8: The communities, regions, language areas, municipalities, and provinces, are the five most important subnational entities of Belgium, as laid out in the ________.
Constitution of the United KingdomBasic Law for the Federal Republic of GermanyConstitution of BelgiumConstitution of the Netherlands

Question 9: Although some believe, wrongly, that the capital of Belgium is the entire Brussels-Capital Region, article 194 of the ________ lays down that the capital of Belgium is the City of Brussels municipality.
Constitution of the NetherlandsConstitution of BelgiumBasic Law for the Federal Republic of GermanyConstitution of the United Kingdom

Question 10: The Flemish Region (Flanders) and the Walloon Region (Wallonia) each comprise five provinces; the third region, ________, is neither a province, nor does it contain any.


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