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Question 1: Robert Putnam, Communitarianism, ________, February 5, 2001: "The term 'Third Way' was used to describe President Clinton's form of liberalism.
National Public RadioFox Sports RadioRadio DisneyESPN Radio

Question 2: Central to the communitarian philosophy is the concept of ________, which are rights or guarantees to certain things.
Civil and political rightsReproductive rightsHuman rightsNegative and positive rights

Question 3: Accordingly, it challenges the domination of ________ and liberal jurisprudence as the hegemonic paradigm for explication, theorization, and substantiation of human virtues.
LiberalismIsaiah BerlinDemocracyClassical liberalism

Question 4: Since the beginnings of 1990's they incorporated post-modern concept of ________ into their philosophy.
BureaucracyExecutive (government)Civil societyLaw

Question 5: ________ and democracy are not generally characteristic of authoritarian regimes.
Executive (government)BureaucracyCivil societyLaw

Question 6: Some, such as John DiIulio and outside Bush adviser ________, favor religious solutions for communities, while others, like Etzioni and Galston, prefer secular approaches."[7]
Marvin OlaskyMassachusettsJohn McCainGeorge W. Bush

Question 7: Some have viewed this as a negation of ________.
Civil and political rightsReproductive rightsNatural and legal rightsHuman rights

Question 8: Communitarianism in philosophy, like other schools of thought in contemporary political philosophy, can be defined by its response to John Rawls' ________.
A Theory of JusticePolitical LiberalismLibertarianismOriginal position

Question 9: This results in a decline in "________", described by Putnam as "the collective value of all 'social networks' and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other".
Social stratificationSocial capitalPierre BourdieuSociology

Question 10: For the most part, communitarians emphasize the use of ________, such as private businesses, churches, non-profits, or labor unions, in furthering their goals.
Foundation (non-profit)Non-governmental organizationNon-profit organizationCharitable trust


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