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Question 1: The doctrine of democratic centralism, which was developed by ________ as a set of principles to be used in the internal affairs of the communist party, is extended to society at large.
Alexander KerenskyNikita KhrushchevJoseph StalinVladimir Lenin

Question 2: Since the 1930s, anti-Stalinist Marxists have argued that the existing communist states did not actually adhere to Marxism, but rather to a perversion of it that was heavily influenced by ________.
Socialism in One CountryEastern BlocStalinismJoseph Stalin

Question 3: A communist state is a sovereign state with a ________ characterized by single-party rule or dominant-party rule of a communist party and a professed allegiance to a communist ideology as the guiding principle of the state.
DemocracyMonarchyRepublicForm of government

Question 4: Therefore, political opposition and dissent is regarded as counter-productive or even ________.

Question 5: In classical ________, communism is the final phase of history at which time the state would have "withered away"[10] and therefore "communist state" is a contradiction in terms under premises of this theory.
MarxismDialecticKarl MarxDialectical materialism

Question 6: Ethiopia
South Yemen
Soviet Union
SudanSomalilandSomali peopleSomalia

Question 7: Fundamental concept of communist states may diverge from the original socio-economic ________ from which they developed.
PoliticsIdeologyJürgen HabermasSociology

Question 8: Left communists[17], ________ and some Trotskyists[18] point out the fact that the so-called "communist" or "socialist" states or "people's states" were actually state capitalist and thus cannot be called "socialist".
Noam ChomskyIndividualist anarchismHenry David ThoreauAnarchism

Question 9: Within the ________ movement, there are a number of criticisms of using the term "communist states".
SocialismSocialist stateMarxismKarl Marx

Question 10: ________, which includes a list of current and former communist states.
VietnamList of socialist countriesLaosCuba


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