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Question 1: Two SI members from ________, Semaun and Darsono were attracted by Sneevliet's ideas.
Central JavaIndonesiaChinese IndonesianSemarang

Question 2: Opposition to the continued Dutch control over ________ was an issue often raised by PKI during the 1950s.
Papua (province)IndonesiaAcehWestern New Guinea

Question 3: In the mid 1960s the ________ estimated the party membership to be approximately 2 million (3.8% of the working age population of the country).
Under Secretary of State for ManagementBureau of Diplomatic SecurityUnited States Department of StateUnited States Secretary of State

Question 4: Similar actions took place in Padang, Bantam and ________.
SurabayaJember RegencyEast JavaBojonegoro

Question 5: It was claimed by army sources that PKI had announced the proclamation of the 'Soviet Republic of Indonesia' on September 18 with Musso as its president and ________ as its prime minister.
Amir SjarifuddinSukarnoMohammad HattaIndonesian National Revolution

Question 6: Evidence linking the PKI to the generals' assassinations is inconclusive, leading to speculation that their involvement was very limited, or that ________ organised the events, in whole or part, and scapegoated the communists.
New Order (Indonesia)IndonesiaTransition to the New OrderSuharto

Question 7: An important early organization was founded by Dutch socialist ________ in 1914, under the name Indies Social Democratic Association (in Dutch: Indische Sociaal-Democratische Vereeniging, ISDV).
Revolutionary Socialist Party (Netherlands)Soviet UnionCominternHenk Sneevliet

Question 8: Whereas much of the anti-PKI pogroms in the rest of the country were carried out by Islamic political organizations, the killings in Bali were done in the name of ________.
HinduismBuddhismAyyavazhiIndian religions

Question 9: The rebels, based in Sumatra and ________, proclaimed a Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia) on February 15.
JavaJakartaMaluku IslandsSulawesi

Question 10: When idea of Malaysia was conceived, it was rejected by the PKI as well as the ________.
Communist Party of ThailandCommunist Party of IndonesiaMalayan Communist PartyCommunist Party of Burma


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