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Question 1: The CPGB was to experience its greatest ever loss of membership as a result of the Warsaw Pact's crushing of the ________.
George MarshallJoseph StalinHungarian Revolution of 1956Harry S. Truman

Question 2: Dissidents were few, perhaps the most notable being ________ the future Labour MP who left the party in the late 1940s, and were easily dealt with.
Labour Party (UK)James CallaghanEric HefferMargaret Thatcher

Question 3: Throughout the 1920s and most of the 1930s the CPGB decided to maintain the ________ doctrine that a communist party should consist of revolutionary cadres and not be open to all applicants.
CommunismMarxist philosophyLeninismMarxism

Question 4: The ________ was formed under the leadership of Sid French, who was the secretary of the important Surrey District CP, which had a strong base in engineering.
New Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party of AustriaPortuguese Communist PartyNew Communist Party Of The Netherlands

Question 5: As a member of the British Socialist Party, the ________ Cecil L'Estrange Malone joined the CPGB.
Parliamentary systemBicameralismMember of ParliamentUnicameralism

Question 6: Another major problem for the party was its policy of abnegating its own role and calling upon the General Council of the ________ to play a revolutionary role.
Unite the UnionTrades Union CongressScottish Trades Union CongressUniversity and College Union

Question 7: The party increased during a period of increase of political radicalism in Britain just after the First World War and the Russian Revolution, and was also represented in Britain by the ________ movement.
Willie GallacherRed ClydesideGlasgowClydebank

Question 8: In 1988 these elements formed a splinter group, based on the British Road to Socialism, known as the ________.
Communist Party of ScotlandCommunist Party of BritainNew Communist Party of BritainPortuguese Communist Party

Question 9: In January 1921, the CPGB was refounded after the majorities of ________'s group the Communist Party (British Section of the Third International), and the Scottish Communist Labour Party agreed to unity.
Sylvia PankhurstEmmeline PankhurstMarxist feminismChristabel Pankhurst

Question 10: It was a strategy associated with the parties of the Second International and it was partly for this reason that it was opposed by those who wanted to break with ________.
Social democracyMarxismSocialist InternationalDemocratic socialism


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