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Question 1:
Where does Communist Party of China come from?
the People's Republic of China
South Africa

Question 2:
What ideology does Communist Party of China subscribe to?
Liberal conservatism,
Political rights for Muslims

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Communist Party of China have?
Liviu's Dream
Communist Party of China
Demolition Man

Question 4: ________, General Secretary 1982–1987
Deng XiaopingHu YaobangHua GuofengZhao Ziyang

Question 5:
Where are the headquarters of Communist Party of China?

Question 6:
When was Communist Party of China founded?
1920 in Kansas City, Missouri
August, 1920
c. 1920

Question 7: During the 1980s and 1990s there was a Central Advisory Commission established by ________ which consisted of senior retired leaders, but with their passing this has been abolished since 1990.
Mao ZedongChiang Kai-shekZhou EnlaiDeng Xiaoping

Question 8: Yunnan clique
Old Guangxi Clique
New Guangxi Clique
Guangdong clique
________ (KMT)
Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Sichuan clique
KuomintangChiang Ching-kuoChiang Kai-shekFirst Taiwan Strait Crisis

Question 9: Not only do most intellectuals within the Chinese government follow this school of thinking, but it is also the common belief held amongst pro-________ liberals in the West.
MercantilismTrade blocFree trade debateFree trade

Question 10: ________, General Secretary since 2002
Dmitry MedvedevKevin RuddHu JintaoMao Zedong

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