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Question 1: With 1941 invasion of the USSR and the collapse of the ________ the party reversed its opposition to the war.
Eastern BlocMolotov‚ÄďRibbentrop PactJoseph StalinWinter War

Question 2: MacDonald was also a ________ and joined Spector in founding the International Left Opposition (Trotskyist) Canada, which was part of Trotsky's International Left Opposition.
MarxismCommunismFourth InternationalTrotskyism

Question 3: The name of the Cecil-Ross Society comes from the intersection of Cecil Street and Ross Street in ________ where the headquarters of the party was located.
Hamilton, OntarioTorontoToronto IslandsGreater Toronto Area

Question 4: Fred Rose was elected to represent a Montreal riding in the ________ as an LPP MP, and was removed from office after being convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.
Politics of CanadaHouse of Commons of CanadaParliament of CanadaSenate of Canada

Question 5: In the mid 1960s the ________ estimated the party membership to be approximately 3500.
United States Department of StateBureau of Diplomatic SecurityUnited States Secretary of StateUnder Secretary of State for Management

Question 6: Norman Bethune, who is known for his work with the ________.
Mao ZedongKuomintangDeng XiaopingCommunist Party of China

Question 7: In 1946, ________, a cipher clerk at the Soviet Embassy, defected to Canada alleging several Canadian communists were operating a spy ring which provided the Soviet Union with top secret information.
Igor GouzenkoPerestroikaCold WarJoseph Stalin

Question 8: The party was founded as the Canadian section of the ________, and was thus similar to Communist parties around the world.
CominternMarxismLeft communismCommunism

Question 9: During the ________, the banned CPC set up "Tim Buck Plebiscite Committees" across the country to campaign for a "yes" vote in the national referendum on conscription.
Governor General of CanadaCanadaConscription Crisis of 1944William Lyon Mackenzie King

Question 10: The Communist Party was organized with great secrecy in a barn near the city of ________, Ontario, on May 28 and 29, 1921.
Windsor, OntarioGuelphTorontoLondon, Ontario


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