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Question 1: The 683 brigade also struck west to link up with the former 108 region to the north of ________.
MandalayChanayethazan TownshipMandalay DivisionAmarapura

Question 2: This left the KNU isolated and it moved closer to the CPB despite the many staunch anti-communists in the veteran ________ leadership.
ChristianityChristianJesusCatholic Church

Question 3: This led to Nu having to hand over power to the Army Chief of Staff ________ who became prime minister of a caretaker government facing opposition and protest only from the NUF and students.
Saw MaungNe WinThan ShweBurma

Question 4: Ne Win announced an amnesty in 1980 which saw the return of ________ and others from Thailand.
Aung San Suu KyiThan ShweU NuBurma

Question 5: No Option but Armed Struggle if Talks Fail: CP Burma ________, January ,2003
All India Forward BlocSocialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)Revolutionary Socialist Party (India)Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Question 6: On the 50th anniversary of the ________, the party declared that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) was now supporting Ne Win’s ‘pseudo-socialism’.
October RevolutionRussian Civil WarVladimir LeninRussian Provisional Government

Question 7: ________, a member of the Thirty Comrades and hero of Tatmadaw’s campaigns against the KNU and the KMT in the 1950s, defected with his family to Panghsang.
8888 UprisingNe WinKyaw ZawAung San

Question 8: They entered the ________ on New Year Day 1968, captured Mong Ko, and established the first war zone ‘303’ of the CPB North-East Command (NEC).
Shan StateMuse (Shan State)TaunggyiNamhkam (Shan State)

Question 9: The Pa-O in the ________ also rose up.
Muse (Shan State)Shan StateTaunggyiNamhkam (Shan State)

Question 10: The Soviet-China split saw the CPB squarely behind the ________ (CCP), rejecting the 1955 ‘revisionist’ line.
Communist Party of ChinaDeng XiaopingMao ZedongKuomintang


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