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Question 1:
What ideology does Communist Party USA subscribe to?

Question 2:
Where are the headquarters of Communist Party USA?
235 W. 23rd Street
25 W. Granite St.
301 W. Washington St.
74 John St. W., Box 1570, Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 2B8

Question 3: ________ offered to run as Norman Thomas' running mate on a joint Socialist Party-Communist Party ticket in the 1936 presidential election but Thomas rejected this overture.
Communist Party USAWilliam Z. FosterEarl Russell BrowderElizabeth Bentley

Question 4: The moderate incumbents struck back by expelling several state organizations, half a dozen ________, and many locals, in all two-thirds of the membership.
German AmericanGerman languageLanguage federationUnited States

Question 5: Part of the Communist Party of America under the leadership of Charles Ruthenberg and ________ did this but a faction under the leadership of Nicholas I.
Communist Party USAWilliam Z. FosterJames P. CannonJay Lovestone

Question 6: However Cannon and Maurice Spector of the ________ were accidentally given a copy of Trotsky's "Critique of the Draft Program of the Comintern," that they were instructed to read and return.
Communist Party of CanadaCommunist Party of BurmaCommunist Party of BrazilCommunist Party of Austria

Question 7: ________, Executive Secretary of CLP (1919–1920); of UCP (1920–1921)
Alfred WagenknechtCommunist Labor PartyCharles RuthenbergCommunist Party USA

Question 8: Prominent CPUSA members and supporters, such as ________ and Pete Seeger, recalled anti-war material they had previously released.
Johnny Got His GunHollywood blacklistDalton TrumboStanley Kubrick

Question 9:
When was Communist Party USA founded?
Naantali, Finland
May 2006

Question 10: Browder found himself isolated when a critical letter from the leader of the ________ received wide circulation.
Portuguese Communist PartySocialist Party (France)French Communist PartyFrench presidential election, 2007


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