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Question 1: Economic criticisms of communal and/or government property are described under ________.
Friedrich von HayekEconomic calculation problemCriticisms of socialismAustrian School

Question 2: In this regard, it is similar to ________, but differs in that, for example, Luxemburgists don't reject elections by principle.
Council communismLuxemburgismLeft communismMarxism

Question 3: The ruling stratum of the Soviet Union was held to be a bureaucratic ________, but not a new ruling class, despite their political control.
CasteRacismReligious intoleranceRacial segregation

Question 4: The Bolshevik government was hostile to nationalism, especially to ________, the “Great Russian chauvinism”, as an obstacle to establishing the proletarian dictatorship.
BelarusRussian nationalismUkraineSoviet Union

Question 5: In the ________, societies ruled by Communist Parties are distinct for their single party control and their socialist economic bases.
Social sciencesScientific methodPseudoscienceNatural science

Question 6: Marx, Karl and ________, "Communist Manifesto", (Mass Market Paperback - REPRINT), Signet Classics, 1998, ISBN 978-0-451-52710-3
Friedrich EngelsMarxismOn the Jewish QuestionYoung Marx

Question 7: Christian communists may or may not agree with various parts of ________.
MarxismDialectical materialismKarl MarxDialectic

Question 8: [6] Marx here follows ________ in conceiving freedom not merely as an absence of restraints but as action with content.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheThomas AquinasImmanuel Kant

Question 9: After Mao's death and his replacement by ________, the international Maoist movement diverged.
Deng XiaopingChiang Kai-shekZhou EnlaiMao Zedong

Question 10: It was heralded as a possibility of building communism via a massive program of ________ and collectivization.
IndustrialisationPovertyIndustrial RevolutionIslamic Golden Age

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