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Communications system: Quiz


Question 1: An optical communication system is any form of telecommunication that uses ________ as the transmission medium.

Question 2: It also contains transponders and other transponders in it and ________ communication system receives signals from the antenna subsystem.
Satellite televisionSatellite Internet accessCommunications satelliteSatellite phone

Question 3: Telecommunications is a method of communication (e.g., for sports ________, mass media, journalism, etc.).
Television stationBroadcast engineeringBroadcastingRadio

Question 4: The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is ________ to carry information.
Phase-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingAmplitude-shift keyingModulation

Question 5: The components of a communications ________ serve a common purpose, are technically compatible, use common procedures, respond to controls, and operate in unison.
SociologySystems theorySystemSystems science

Question 6: Fiber-optic communication systems transmit information from one place to another by sending ________ through an optical fiber.


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