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Communes of France: Quiz


Question 1: COM of ________ (14,944 inhabitants), which still is divided according to the three traditional chiefdoms.
French PolynesiaWallis and FutunaNiueNew Caledonia

Question 2: The small Alsace region has more than double the number of municipalities in the very large and very populated state of ________ (396 Gemeinden as of Sept.
CologneDüsseldorfNorth Rhine-WestphaliaDortmund

Question 3: In ________, the median area of communes (comuni) is 22 km² (8.5 sq.

Question 4: overseas territory) of the ________ (no permanent population, about 200 resident scientists, soldiers and meteorologists).
British Indian Ocean TerritoryMayotteFrench Southern and Antarctic LandsRéunion

Question 5:

Question 6: In areas where other languages than French are/were spoken, the names have been translated to French spelling and pronunciation, such as Toulouse (formerly Tolosa in ________), Strasbourg (formerly Straßburg in German), or Perpignan (formerly Perpinyà in Catalan).
Romanian languageOccitan languageFranco-Provençal languageSpanish language

Question 7: Thus, in Europe, only ________ has as high a density of communes as France, and even there an extensive merger movement has started in the last ten years.

Question 8: All are found in the département of Meuse, and were destroyed during the ________ in 1916.
Battle of VerdunWestern Front (World War I)Battle of PasschendaeleBattle of the Frontiers

Question 9: As of January 9, 2008, there were 36,781 communes in ________, 36,569 of them in metropolitan France and 212 of them overseas.
ItalyFranceUnited KingdomCanada

Question 10: Before the revolution, France's lowest level of administrative division was the ________ (paroisse), and there were up to 60,000 of them in the kingdom.


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