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Question 1: Marx and Engels, ________, and later Lenin and Trotsky gained major theoretical lessons (in particular as regards the "dictatorship of the proletariat" and the "withering away of the state") from the limited experience of the Commune.
Leo TolstoyMikhail BakuninPeter KropotkinNestor Makhno

Question 2: Thus in Marxist theory, the commune is a form of political organization adopted during the first (or lower) phase of ________, socialism.
Communist stateLeninismCommunismFourth International

Question 3: Marx based these ideas on the example of the ________, which he described in The Civil War in France:[1]
Mikhail BakuninParis CommuneCommune (socialism)Anarchism

Question 4: Communes are proposed as the proletarian counterpart to ________ political forms such as parliaments.
BourgeoisieSocial classRuling classWorking class

Question 5: Traditionally, the revolutionary left sees the ________ as a populist replacement for the elitist parliament.
Intentional communityUtopiaKibbutzCommune

Question 6: In his pamphlet, Marx explains the purpose and function of the commune during the period that he termed the ________:[1]
MarxismMarxist philosophyThe Communist ManifestoDictatorship of the proletariat

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