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  • the monkey Ramu from the Indian state of Orissa was kept behind bars for five years on the charge of disturbing communal harmony?

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Question 1: "Communal violence" tends to refer to mob killings, while terrorism describes concerted attacks by small groups of militants (see ________).
Counter-terrorismHistory of terrorismAnti-terrorism legislationDefinition of terrorism

Question 2: In South Asia, "communalism" is seen as existing primarily between ________, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians.

Question 3: the 2002 ________, 58 Hindus killed.
Vishva Hindu ParishadGodhra train burning2002 Gujarat violenceBharatiya Janata Party

Question 4: Incidents of "communal violence" cannot clearly be separated by incidents of ________.
TerrorismAl-QaedaPakistan and state terrorismIslamic terrorism

Question 5: Communalism is used in ________ to denote attempts to promote primarily religious stereotypes between groups of people identified as different communities and to stimulate violence between those groups.
Brāhmī scriptSouth AsiaPunjabi languageIndia

Question 6: the 1931 Hindu-Muslim ________ riot

Question 7: Manzilgah and Sukkur (________) Riots, 15th Feb.
PakistanSindhKarachiPunjab (Pakistan)

Question 8: The sense given to this word in South Asia is represented by the word ________ outside South Asia.
SerbsSectarianismEthnic cleansingProtestant Reformation

Question 9: the 2000 ________, 35 Sikhs killed.
SikhismSikhism in PakistanChittisinghpura massacreSikhism in Fiji

Question 10: the ________ (Sikh guerilla warfare)
DelhiPunjab (India)Khalistan movementIndia


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