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Question 1: In ________ generally the only used term is naszej ery/przed naszą erą (of our era/before our era).

Question 2: [67] Thus, the current year is written as 2010 in both notations (or, if further clarity is needed, as 2010 CE, or as AD 2010), and the year that ________ died is represented as 399 BCE (the same year that is represented by 399 BC in the BC/AD notation).

Question 3: The ________, and the year-numbering system associated with it, is the calendar system with most widespread usage in the world today.
TimeIslamic calendarJulian calendarGregorian calendar

Question 4: Bede also introduced the practice of dating years before the supposed year of birth[20] of Jesus, and the practice of not using a year ________.
5 (number)1 (number)0 (number)Roman numerals

Question 5: It is argued that the use of BCE/CE shows sensitivity to those who use the same year numbering system as the one that originated with and is currently used by ________, but who are not themselves Christian.
BaptistChristian denominationEcumenismChristianity

Question 6: [21] In 1422, ________ became the last Western European country to switch to the system begun by Dionysius.
GreecePortugalEast TimorSpain

Question 7: The US-based ________ uses BCE/CE notation in articles on non-Christian religious topics such as Jerusalem and Judaism.
The Biography ChannelHistory (South East Asian TV channel)History (TV channel)Crime & Investigation Network (South East Asia)

Question 8: [65] Former United Nations Secretary-General ________ argued, "[T]he Christian calendar no longer belongs exclusively to Christians.
Amnesty InternationalKofi AnnanHans BlixAung San Suu Kyi

Question 9: The first use of the Latin equivalent (vulgaris aerae)[24] discovered so far was in a 1615 book by ________.
Galileo GalileiScientific revolutionJohannes KeplerIsaac Newton

Question 10: Anthropologist Carol Delaney argues that the substitution of BC/AD to BCE/CE is merely a ________ that conceals the political implications without modifying the actual source of contention.
Media biasEuphemismCensorshipBook burning

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