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Question 1: B. b. trizonatus(Forest Buzzard): ________: resident – traditionally a subspecies of B. oreophilus.
Sierra LeoneMauritiusCanadaSouth Africa

Question 2: Buteo (buteo) bannermani (Cape Verde Buzzard): ________
MozambiqueGuinea-BissauAngolaCape Verde

Question 3: Forest Buzzard, as its name implies, is a species of evergreen woodlands including introduced ________ and pines, whereas Steppe Buzzard prefers more open habitats.
AustraliaEucalyptus globulusEucalyptusAcacia

Question 4: B. b. vulpinus (Steppe Buzzard): ________: migrant breeder

Question 5: It eats mainly small ________, and will come to carrion.
PrimateMammal classificationEven-toed ungulateMammal

Question 6: B. b. harterti: ________, doubtfully distinct from nominate buteo
MadeiraAzoresPortugalSaint Helena

Question 7: The Victorian writer on ________, William Crossing, noted that he had on occasions seen flocks of 15 or more at some places.
Tavistock, DevonIvybridgeExmoorDartmoor

Question 8: The Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) is a medium to large bird of prey, whose range covers most of Europe and extends into ________.
AsiaContinentSingaporeMiddle East

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