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Question 1: The term “common-law marriage” has been used in ________ and Wales since the 1960s to refer to unmarried, cohabiting heterosexual relationships[14].
EnglandUnited KingdomBritish peopleScotland

Question 2: Under ________, there have been several forms of "irregular marriage":
Scots lawEnglish lawScottish independenceScotland

Question 3: The Act did not apply to Scotland because by the ________ Scotland retained its own legal system.
Kingdom of ScotlandActs of Union 1707History of ScotlandScottish independence

Question 4: Israeli law recognizes common-law marriage (ידוע בציבור) particularly since an apparatus for ________ is absent, and many couples choose to avoid a religious marriage or are barred from it.
Civil marriageVermontFranceCivil union

Question 5: A 2002 amendment to the Civil Code recognizes a type of domestic partnership called a ________ that is similar to marriage and is likewise available to same-sex partners.
Civil unionSame-sex marriageSame-sex marriage legislation around the worldSame-sex union

Question 6: [10] However, common-law partners do not have any legal rights between them, such as ________, family patrimony, compensatory allowance and matrimonial regime.
DivorceContact (law)AlimonyNo-fault divorce

Question 7: ________ alone does not create a common-law marriage; the couple must hold themselves out to the world as spouses; and

Question 8: In ________, the Ontario Family Law Act specifically recognizes common-law spouses in sec.
British ColumbiaQuebecOntarioCanada

Question 9: England abolished clandestine or common-law marriages in the Marriage Act 1753, requiring marriages to be performed by a priest of the ________ unless the participants in the marriage were Jews or Quakers.
Bishop of LincolnArchbishop of YorkChurch of EnglandArchbishop of Canterbury

Question 10: All countries in Europe have now abolished "marriage by habit and repute",[citation needed] with ________ being the last to do so in 2006.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandWales

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