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Question 1: Commodore (Cdre) is a rank of the ________ above Captain and below Rear Admiral.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal Navy

Question 2: The ________ rank of air commodore was derived from the Royal Navy rank of commodore in 1919.
Royal Air ForceBritish Armed ForcesBritish ArmyLuftwaffe

Question 3: The rank is equivalent to ________ in the British Army and Royal Marines and to Air Commodore in the Royal Air Force.
Brigadier GeneralMilitary rankMajor GeneralBrigadier

Question 4: In 1748 it was established that Captains serving as Commodores were equal to ________ in the Army.
Second LieutenantBrigadier GeneralMajor GeneralMilitary rank

Question 5: It is equivalent to a 1 star rank and has a ________ ranking code of OF-6.
AfghanistanNATOCentral Intelligence AgencyNon-Aligned Movement

Question 6: Commodores First Class, while wearing the sleeve stripes of a Rear-Admiral, had gold lace-covered ________ with a crown, two stars and an anchor (also worn by other Commodores but only with formal uniforms).
Military rankSergeantBritish ArmyEpaulette


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