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Committee on Jewish Law and Standards: Quiz


Question 1: The following is a list of such takkanot; note that the reasoning behind these changes is not here explained in depth; for details please see the ________ article.
Conservative JudaismRabbiJewish ethicsConservative Halakha

Question 2: The CJLS issued emergency takkanot effectively lifting biblical restrictions on ________ marriages.
Jewish servicesKohenJudaismKorban

Question 3: It also claimed that the concept of ________ , which it translated as "respect" or "honor", permits setting aside rabbinic prohibitions in deference to others' honor, but does not permit setting aside prohibitions set up for God's honor in deference to ones own.
Partnership minyanKavod HaBriyotHalakhaConservative Judaism

Question 4: The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards is the central authority on halakha (Jewish law and tradition) within ________; it is one of the most active and widely known committees on the Conservative movement's Rabbinical Assembly.
Conservative JudaismJewsOrthodox JudaismJewish philosophy

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