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Commelinids: Quiz


Question 1: In plant taxonomy, the name commelinids (plural, not capitalised) is used by the APG II system for a clade within the monocots, which in its turn is a clade within the ________.
GymnospermFlowering plantEmbryophyteFern

Question 2: The commelinids of APG II (2003) contain basically the same plants as the commelinoids of the earlier ________ (1998).
APG systemEudicotsAPG II systemDicotyledon

Question 3: The commelinids are the only clade that the APG II has named within the monocots, the remaining monocots are a ________ unit, occasionally referred to as the "basal monocots".
PolyphylyDNA barcodingParaphylyCladistics


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