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Commedia dell'arte: Quiz


Question 1: In the 19th century, ________, Chopin and other literary elites rediscovered the theatre form in Nohant, France in 1846.
Gustave FlaubertFrench literatureCharles BaudelaireGeorge Sand

Question 2: In Italy, commedia masks and plots found their way into the opera buffa, and the plots of Rossini, Verdi, and ________.
Giacomo PucciniToscaLa bohèmeMadama Butterfly

Question 3: Although Commedia dell'arte flourished in Italy during the Mannerist period, the roots date to the period of the Roman Empire, and descend from ________ and from Etruscan festivals, which shared characteristics with the Commedia dell'arte of the later medieval period.
SophoclesAeschylusTheatre of ancient GreeceAncient Greece

Question 4: Many of the basic plot elements can be traced back to the Roman comedies of ________ and Terence, some of which were themselves translations of lost Greek comedies of the fourth century BC.
AululariaAmphitryon (play)PlautusMenaechmi

Question 5: For example, ________ which flourished in the 18th century, owes its genesis to the character types of the commedia, particularly Harlequin.
Santa ClausPantomimeChristmas lightsWhite Christmas

Question 6: There are countless variations on this story, as well as many that diverge wholly from the structure, such as a well-known story about Arlecchino becoming mysteriously pregnant, or the ________ scenario.
ItalyEnglandLondonPunch and Judy

Question 7: The ________ puppet shows, popular to this day in England, owe their basis to the Pulcinella mask that emerged in Neapolitan versions of the form.
LondonPunch and JudyUnited StatesItaly

Question 8: These characters included the forebears of the modern ________, namely Harlequin (arlecchino) and Zanni.
Mime artistDonkeyCircus clownClown

Question 9: The better troupes were patronized by nobility, and during ________ time might be funded by the various towns or città, in which they played.
SpainCarnivalMaltaMardi Gras


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