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Question 1: If the ________ (parliament) declares a "state of defence" (Verteidigungsfall), the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzler) assumes command of the German armed forces.
National Assembly for WalesBundestagFolketingRiigikogu

Question 2: However, because presidents are rarely present in war zones, and often have less military experience than the military commanders, only two presidents, ________ and James Madison, have so far done so.
Dwight D. EisenhowerGeorge WashingtonUlysses S. GrantAlexander Hamilton

Question 3: In ________ the President of the Republic holds the ceremonial title of Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces while a member of the Government holds the position Commander-in-Chief.

Question 4: When Hong Kong was a British colony the Governor was ex officio Commander-in-Chief of ________.
Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersBritish Forces Overseas Hong KongBlack WatchRoyal Scots

Question 5: Often, a given country's commander-in-chief need not be or have been a commissioned officer or even a veteran, and it is by this legal statute that ________ is realized in states where it is constitutionally required.
Civil-military relationsCivilian control of the militaryUnited StatesHarry S. Truman

Question 6: ________ often wore his military uniform, while Hosni Mubarak has abandoned this tradition.
Lech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevJimmy CarterAnwar El Sadat

Question 7: In 1955, the three Service Chiefs were redesignated as the Chief of the Army Staff (General), the Chief of the Naval Staff (Admiral) and the Chief of the Air Staff (Air Chief Marshal) with ________ as supreme commander.
Administrative divisions of IndiaPresident of IndiaLok SabhaIndex of India-related articles

Question 8: Each branch had its own commander-in-chief, holding the highest rank---in the case of the ________, a Generaloberst; in the Reichsmarine, an Admiral.
1st Division (German Empire)24th Division (German Empire)28th Division (German Empire)German Army (German Empire)

Question 9: After obtaining independence in 1968, Mauritius continued to recognize the Queen as Head of State and commander-in-chief, who was represented by a ________.
Commonwealth realmAustraliaJamaicaGovernor-General

Question 10: In the ________, before the 1973 Constitution, the head of the Army, i.e., the Chief of the Army Staff, was referred as Commander-in-Chief.
PakistanForeign relations of PakistanCyprusMaldives

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