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Question 1: On April 14, 2006, ________ said that Secretary Rumsfeld could be criminally liable for his alleged involvement in the abuse of Mohammad al-Qahtani.
International Criminal CourtUNESCOAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch

Question 2: Torture and Accountability by Elizabeth Holtzman article in ________ posted June 28, 2005 (July 18, 2005 issue) about The Geneva Convention
The NationMother Jones (magazine)Harper's MagazineThe New Republic

Question 3: The matter was appealed, and was affirmed by the ________ In re Yamashita 327 U.S.
United States ConstitutionUnited States courts of appealsSupreme Court of the United StatesUnited States Congress

Question 4: 1 (1946)[18] After sentencing, Yamashita was ________.
Religion and capital punishmentTortureStoningCapital punishment

Question 5: The trial of Peter von Hagenbach by an ad hoc tribunal of the ________ in 1474, was the first “international” recognition of commanders’ obligations to act lawfully.
German EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFranciaByzantine Empire

Question 6: Darfur genocide charges for Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir by Peter Walker, James Sturcke, ________, July 14, 2008
The ObserverThe IndependentThe GuardianThe Times

Question 7: ________ and others argued that detainees should be considered "unlawful combatants" and as such not be protected by the Geneva Conventions in multiple memoranda regarding these perceived legal gray areas.
Michael MukaseyEric HolderJohn AshcroftAlberto Gonzales

Question 8: In the ________, the US Military Tribunal seemed to limit the situations where a commander has a duty to know to instances where he has already had some information regarding subordinates’ unlawful actions.
High Command TrialHostages TrialEinsatzgruppen TrialNuremberg Trials

Question 9: Abu Ghraib is a Command Responsibility By ________ Former CIA analyst, CounterPunch, October 1 / 2, 2005
George H. W. BushIraq WarDonald RumsfeldRay McGovern

Question 10: Following World War II, ________ was that the atrocities committed by the Nazis were so severe a special tribunal had to be held.
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