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Comitium: Quiz


Question 1: Rostra, Curia Hostilia, ________, Lapis Niger
Julius CaesarRoman ForumCuria JuliaComitium

Question 2: In 80 BC the curia was enlarged by ________ who also added heating to the building for the first time.
PompeyAlexander the GreatJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 3: In 133 BC ________ was elected Tribune and introduced a bill in the assembly of people that would drastically reduce the amount of state-owned land.
Gaius MariusLucius Cornelius SullaJulius CaesarTiberius Gracchus

Question 4: The comitium was the normal designated space in all Roman cities for contiones, assembling the eligible people for ________, councils and tribunals.
ElectionReferendumElectoral reformGerrymandering

Question 5: The ________ or comitia tributa was the assembly of all citizens based on domicile in the city of Rome.
Roman MagistratesRoman assembliesCentury AssemblyTribal Assembly

Question 6: [3] The senate meeting house or curia is associated with the comitium by both Livy and ________.
Mark AntonyCiceroPompeyJulius Caesar

Question 7: The ________ (curiate assembly), was the main assembly for the first two decades of the Roman Republic.
Curiate AssemblyTribal AssemblyCentury AssemblyRoman assemblies

Question 8: [14] A royal complex may have extended from the House of the Vestal Virgins on one end of the Forum Romanum to what is now the ________.
Julius CaesarComitiumRostraCuria Julia

Question 9: [1] It was the location for all political and judicial activity of the early ________ and Republic.
Roman KingdomRoman SenateRomulus and RemusAncient Rome

Question 10: [2] It is the historic meeting place of the comitia curiata, the grown males of ________ who met as the earliest assembly of organised voting divisions of the republic.


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