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Question 1: Such trade paperbacks can contain anywhere from four issues (for example, there is Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and ________) to as many as twenty (The Death of Superman).
Kingdom Come (comics)Eisner AwardSuperheroAlex Ross

Question 2: This allows placement and grouping of artists by ________.
Abu Rayhan BiruniGeometryTriangulationThales

Question 3: ________, also known as online comics and web comics, are comics that are available on the Internet.
AggregatorWebcomicClassical music blogMP3 blog

Question 4: [51] Good examples of this phenomenon include ________'s The Adventures of Tintin (in his "personal trademark" Ligne claire style), Will Eisner's Spirit and Osamu Tezuka's Buddha, among many others.
HergéMinor comics by HergéKing Ottokar's SceptreTintin and Snowy

Question 5: Words other than dialogue, captions for example, usually expand upon the pictures, but sometimes act in ________.
CounterpointFugueBaroque musicMusic

Question 6: Historically, the form dealt with humorous subject matter, but its scope has expanded to encompass the full range of literary ________.

Question 7: To capture the finely polished inking details seen in Blondie, Marshall works on a ________ tablet linked to his Macintosh.
JapanWacomLinux kernelUniversal Serial Bus

Question 8: However, works from independent companies, ________ or those of a more personal nature can be produced a single creator.
Self-publishingVanity pressLulu (company)Book

Question 9: Devices such as ________ and boxes are used to indicate dialogue and impart establishing information, while panels, layout, gutters and zip ribbons can help indicate the flow of the story.
Comic bookSpeech balloonAsterixComic strip

Question 10: Such distinctions also do not exist in the Japanese ________, the world's largest comics culture.
Shōjo mangaManga outside JapanMangaYaoi

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