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Question 1: [15] ________ and Doonesbury began as strips in college newspapers under different titles, and later moved to national syndication.
For Better or For WorseBloom CountyThe Academia WaltzCondorito

Question 2: Many issues such as sex, drugs and terrorism cannot or can very rarely be openly discussed in strips, although there are exceptions, usually for satire, as in ________.
The Academia WaltzDoonesburyBloom CountyCondorito

Question 3: When Watterson's ________ grew to fame, he insisted that his Sunday strip be published without cropping and at a half-page size, a move criticized by newspaper editors and a few cartoonists.
GarfieldFor Better or For WorseCalvin and HobbesDoonesbury

Question 4: The last full-page comic strip was the ________ strip for 11 April 1971.
Flash GordonPhantom (comics)Prince ValiantDennis the Menace (U.S.)

Question 5: Some, such as Scott Adams, creator of ________, include an email address in each strip.
FrazzPeanutsDilbertGet Fuzzy

Question 6: ________ has written extensively on the issue, claiming that size reduction and dropped panels reduce both the potential and freedom of a cartoonist.
Bill WattersonComic stripCalvin and HobbesEisner Award

Question 7: [3] ________ is usually credited as the first.
Joseph PulitzerYellow journalismComic stripThe Yellow Kid

Question 8: science fiction and ________-like dramas are also prevalent.
Coronation StreetHolby CityBrooksideSoap opera

Question 9: ________ graduated from undergrounds to alternative weekly newspapers to Mad and children's books.
Wally WoodBernard KrigsteinJay LynchHarvey Kurtzman

Question 10: Examples in print form exist in 19th-century Germany and in 18th-century England, where some of the first ________ or humorous sequential narrative drawings were produced.
NovelPoetrySatirePlay (theatre)

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