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Question 1: The British science-fiction program, ________, has a number of jokes in it as well as drama.
Companion (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane AdventuresDoctor WhoTorchwood

Question 2: Beginning around 1969 in the US, however, there was a brief spate of half-hour shows that purposely alternated between comedy and drama and aired without a ________.
30 RockHanna-BarberaPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy SeriesLaugh track

Question 3: The advent of radio drama, cinema, and particularly television created greater pressure in ________ to clearly define a product as either comedy or drama.
Business marketingAdvertisingMarketing managementMarketing

Question 4: House M.D., ________, Desperate Housewives, Psych, Ugly Betty, Scrubs, Glee and Californication are examples of this.
Charmed (season 4)Charmed (season 1)CharmedShannen Doherty

Question 5: While in live theatre the difference became less and less significant, in ________, comedy and drama were clearly divided.
PublishingMass mediaInternetNews media

Question 6: However, some shows, such as ________, have failed to make it past the first season.
Matt AlbieStudio 60 on the Sunset StripDylan KillingtonThe West Wing

Question 7: One hour dramas included genre series such as police and detective series, westerns, ________, and, later, serialized prime time soap operas.
CyberpunkScience fiction fandomAlternate historyScience fiction

Question 8: Traditional western theatre, beginning with the ancient Greeks, was divided into ________ and tragedy.
DramaComedy (drama)SatireComedy

Question 9: Beginning in the 19th century, authors such as ________, George Bernard Shaw and Henrik Ibsen[3][4] blurred the line between comedy and drama.
Anton ChekhovNikolai GogolMaxim GorkyRussia

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