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Comcast: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Who of the following is a key person at Comcast?

Question 3: According to the Comcast High Speed Internet terms of service, customers are provided with dynamic ________.
IP addressIPv6Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIPv4

Question 4:
What industry is Comcast in?
Wireless Services; Telecommunication
Telecommunications Equipment
Telecommunications Systems

Question 5:
When was Comcast founded?
May 2006
February 1998
Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S.

Question 6:
Which of these is a Comcast product?
Urban Assault
Motorcycles until 1915

Question 7:
What is the slogan of Comcast?
think big
Small Things Make a Big Difference
No Dream Too Big
Dream Big

Question 8:
Who of the following people founded Comcast?

Question 9:
What type is thing is Comcast?

Question 10:

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