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Question 1: The sport has three phases: Dressage, Cross-country Marathon and Obstacle Cone Driving and is most similar to the mounted equestrian sport of ________.
EquestrianismShow jumpingEventingEquestrian at the Summer Olympics

Question 2: The marathon is similar to the second phase of ________, the speed and endurance.
DressageEquestrianismEventingShow jumping

Question 3: The dressage test is somewhat similar to ________ under saddle.
LipizzanDressageSpanish Riding SchoolEquestrianism

Question 4: The cones phase is a test of accuracy, speed and obedience, equivalent to the show jumping phase of ________.
EquestrianismEquestrian at the Summer OlympicsEventingDressage

Question 5: For the presentation and dressage phase, ________ and harness are often leather, built along traditional lines, and designed for attractive appearance.
CarriageDriving (horse)AutomobileHorse-drawn vehicle

Question 6: Dressage movements may include circles, figures of eight, and crossing the diagonal and all paces - walk, working trot, collected trot, extended trot, ________, a halt, and a rein back.
CanterImpulsionHunt seatEquitation

Question 7: The ________ or pony may be of any breed, although warmbloods are often seen at the highest levels of competition.
Equus (genus)Arabian horseDonkeyHorse


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