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Combat Infantryman Badge: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Combat Infantryman Badge's current status?
Awarded by House of Savoy in exile
not awarded
not currently awarded
Currently awarded

Question 2: Both awards required a commander’s recommendation and a ________ in the pertinent orders.
Style guideParenthetical referencingCitationThe MLA Style Manual

Question 3:
What type is thing is Combat Infantryman Badge?
Adult Female/Closed Category
Art Museum

Question 4: The first was the second-award CIB recognizing ________ combat operations; in that time, the U.S.
Vietnam WarSino-Soviet border conflictCold WarKorean War

Question 5: Army had difficulty in recruiting ________ branch volunteers, unlike its other, more glamorous branches (e.g.
WeaponMilitary historyMedieval warfareInfantry

Question 6: the Tank Corps, the ________), and the Marine Corps and Navy.
United States Army Air Forces1st Operations Group9th Operations GroupUnited States Army Air Corps


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