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Colton Point State Park: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Clinton County)
Bucktail State Park Natural AreaHyner Run State ParkKettle Creek State ParkHyner View State Park

Question 2: Red leaves are found on Red Maple, Black Cherry, and red oak, while orange and yellow leaves are on Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, Tulip Poplar, Chestnut Oak, aspen and birch, and brown leaves are from beech, white oak, and ________ trees.
Quercus imbricariaQuercus phellosQuercus velutinaQuercus falcata

Question 3: [58] There are over 26 species of fish in Pine Creek, including ________, suckers, Fallfish, and Rock Bass.
OncorhynchusRainbow troutTroutBrook trout

Question 4: ________ (Potter County)
Hyner Run State ParkOle Bull State ParkCherry Springs State ParkLyman Run State Park

Question 5: The right-of-way eventually became the ________, which follows the path of the former Pine Creek Path.
Pine Creek GorgeLeonard Harrison State ParkColton Point State ParkPine Creek Rail Trail

Question 6: Invasive plant species include Purple Loosestrife and ________.
Fallopia sachalinensisBuckwheatFallopiaJapanese knotweed

Question 7: [57] Invasive insect species in the gorge include ________, which eat all the leaves off trees, especially oaks,[57] and Hemlock Woolly Adelgids, which weaken and kill hemlocks.
Red-winged BlackbirdGypsy mothAntLepidoptera

Question 8: Pinnacle State Park and Golf Course (________)
MassachusettsNew YorkNew JerseyConnecticut

Question 9: ________ and bird watchers have recorded a total of 128 species of birds in the IBA.
Bird migrationBird vocalizationBirdwatchingOrnithology

Question 10: [32] As of 2004, the park does not have telephone or electrical lines, although it uses ________ for limited electricity needs.
Solar cellPhotovoltaicsDye-sensitized solar cellSolar energy


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