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  • the overhead awning for the Colosseum was saturated with scented water which dripped on spectators' heads to cool them?

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Question 1: [8][9] This name was not exclusive to the Colosseum; Vespasian and Titus, builders of the Colosseum, also constructed an amphitheater of the same name in ________ (modern Pozzuoli).
Monte di ProcidaAcerraPozzuoliNaples

Question 2: Despite its pagan links, the statue remained standing well into the medieval era and was credited with ________.
NeopaganismMagic (paranormal)WitchcraftReligion

Question 3:

Question 4: In the 1954 film Demetrius and the Gladiators, the Emperor ________ anachronistically sentences the Christian Demetrius to fight in the Colosseum.

Question 5: It was devastated by the ________ in AD 64, following which Nero seized much of the area to add to his personal domain.
TiberiusTitusGreat Fire of RomeAncient Rome

Question 6: In recent years it has become a symbol of the international campaign against ________, which was abolished in Italy in 1948.
StoningReligion and capital punishmentCapital punishmentTorture

Question 7:
What type is thing is Colosseum?

Question 8:
When was the Colosseum?
1st century AD

Question 9: Leonard of Port Maurice, Pope Benedict XIV (1740–1758) forbade the quarrying of the Colosseum and erected ________ around the arena, which remained until February 1874.
Roman Catholic devotions to Jesus ChristPrayer before a CrucifixStations of the CrossAnima Christi

Question 10: [15] In 1671 Cardinal Altieri authorized its use for ________; a public outcry caused the idea to be hastily abandoned.


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