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Question 1: Before the advent of powerful, ________, it was common to estimate the correlated color temperature by way of interpolation from look-up tables and charts.
Personal computerNetbookLaptopMicrocomputer

Question 2: The ________ may need to be corrected while shooting or while printing to achieve a neutral color print.
CIE 1931 color spaceColor balanceRGB color modelPrimary color

Question 3: Note that this sense of temperature is the reverse of that of real temperature; bluer is described as "cooler" even though it corresponds to a higher-temperature ________.
SunBlack bodyPhotonPlanck's law

Question 4: By analogy, nearly-Planckian light sources such as certain fluorescent or ________ can be judged by their correlated color temperature (CCT); the color temperature of the Planckian radiator that best approximates them.
Metal halide lampGas-discharge lampFlashtubeLight-emitting diode

Question 5: The ________ he used to convert X,Y,Z tristimulus values to R,G,B coordinates was:[12]

Euclidean vectorMatrix (mathematics)Affine transformationTransformation matrix

Question 6: The CIE ________ (CRI) is a method to determine how well a light source's illumination of eight sample patches compares to the illumination provided by a reference source.
Standard illuminantColor temperatureColor rendering indexLab color space

Question 7: The CIE announced the ________.
Lab color spaceHSL and HSVRGB color modelCIE 1931 color space

Question 8: ________ sometimes select filters by color temperature, commonly to match light that is theoretically white.
StagecraftSound designScenic designLighting designer

Question 9: An ________'s light is thermal radiation and the bulb is very close to an ideal black-body radiator, so its color temperature is essentially the temperature of the filament.
Incandescent light bulbCompact fluorescent lampFlashtubeFluorescent lamp

Question 10: In ________, color temperature is sometimes used interchangeably with white balance, which allow a remapping of color values to simulate variations in ambient color temperature.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraCameraDigital cameraDigital photography

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