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Question 1: After considerable research, the ________ introduced a system that encoded the color information separately from the brightness, and greatly reduced the resolution of the color information in order to conserve bandwidth.
SECAMNTSCPALBroadcast television systems

Question 2: The first regular color broadcasts in SECAM were started on October 1, 1967, on ________'s Second Channel (ORTF 2e chaƮne).
CanadaItalyUnited KingdomFrance

Question 3: France, ________ and most of the Eastern Bloc along with their overseas territories opted for SECAM.

Question 4: Color television became available in ________ soon after regular color broadcasting began in the neighboring United States.
BelizeBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 5: His 600-line color system used triple ________, using six scans to build each picture.

Question 6: The Philippines (1966) and ________ (1969) also adopted the NTSC system.
TaiwanTaiwanese aboriginesTaiwanese peopleSingapore

Question 7: West Germany's first broadcast occurred in August (PAL), followed by ________ in October (SECAM).
United KingdomFranceItalyCanada

Question 8: However ________ and Ecuador were the first South American countries to receive color TV, using NTSC.

Question 9: Early color telecasts could be preserved only on the black and white ________ process introduced in 1947.
VideotapeIVC videotape formatKinescopeVideo

Question 10: In 1939, Hungarian engineer Peter Carl Goldmark introduced an electro-mechanical system while at ________, which contained an Iconoscope sensor.
NBCCBSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television Network


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