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Question 1: Transient color blindness also occurs (very rarely) in the aura of some ________ sufferers.
HeadacheMigraineTension headacheCluster headache

Question 2: Examples include rural ________, Hungary, and some of the Scottish islands.

Question 3: The use of ________ on the world wide web allows pages to be given an alternative color scheme for color-blind readers.
XHTMLCascading Style SheetsHTMLDocument Object Model

Question 4: ________, frequently called achromatopsia, where the retina contains no cone cells, so that in addition to the absence of color discrimination, vision in lights of normal intensity is difficult.
AchromatopsiaColor blindnessRetinitis pigmentosaLeber's hereditary optic neuropathy

Question 5: ________ is strictly defined as the inability to see color.
Color blindnessAchromatopsiaRetinitis pigmentosaLeber's hereditary optic neuropathy

Question 6: ________ and Turkey[33]) have refused to grant individuals with color blindness driving licenses.

Question 7: [37] Nineteenth century French artist Charles Méryon became successful by concentrating on ________ rather than painting after he was diagnosed as having a red-green deficiency.
BookbindingStained glassMetalworkingEtching

Question 8: Good ________ avoids using color coding, or color contrasts alone, to express information as this not only helps color blind people, but also aids understanding by normally sighted people.
Computer graphicsVisualization (computer graphics)IllustrationGraphic design

Question 9: While normally rare, achromatopsia is very common on the island of Pingelap, a part of the Pohnpei state, ________, where it is called maskun: about 10% of the population there has it, and 30% are unaffected carriers.
Marshall IslandsPalauFederated States of MicronesiaVanuatu

Question 10: Many of the genes involved in color vision are on the ________, making color blindness more common in males than in females.
Chromosome 7 (human)Human genomeX chromosomeY chromosome

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