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Question 1: [16] In 1875, ________ killed over 40,000 Fijians, approximately one-third of the population.

Question 2: Gobineau, Arthur de, ________, 1853–55
An Essay on the Inequality of the Human RacesScientific racismHouston Stewart ChamberlainAryan race

Question 3: [44] Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, the ________ took up to 12 million slaves to the New World.
AfricaAtlantic slave tradePan-AfricanismAfrican slave trade

Question 4: However, ________ did not really get going until after the second world war.
CyprusNon-Aligned MovementDecolonizationPhilippines

Question 5: Moreover, ________ was the first anti-colonial rebellion, inspiring others.
American RevolutionUnited StatesMassachusettsUnited States Constitution

Question 6: [24] Under the direction of Mountstuart Elphinstone a program was launched to propagate ________ in India.
Smallpox vaccineVaccineInfluenza vaccineVaccine controversy

Question 7: Classical liberals generally opposed colonialism and imperialism, including ________, Frederik Bastiat, Richard Cobden, John Bright, Henry Richard, Herbert Spencer, H.
Adam SmithDavid HumeJeremy BenthamImmanuel Kant

Question 8: ________ and Spain discovered new lands across the oceans and built trading posts.
PortugalMaldivesEast TimorGreece

Question 9: [22] ________, who mainly worked in India, was the first microbiologist who developed and used vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague.
ATC code J07Rabies vaccineWaldemar Haffkine2009 flu pandemic vaccine

Question 10: In this sense, postcolonial literature may be considered a branch of ________ concerned with the political and cultural independence of peoples formerly subjugated in colonial empires.
Postmodern literatureBeat GenerationPostmodernismThomas Pynchon

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