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Question 1: In the 1830s the original zouaves were volunteers from a tribal group which provided mercenaries for both the Turkish and French rulers of ________.

Question 2: Italy employed Dubats from Italian Somaliland, together with Eritrean and Libyan units in the conquest of ________ during 1936.

Question 3: The latter might be from the home or metropolitan army, from settlers doing their ________ or occasionally from mercenaries recruited outside the territories of the colonial power concerned.
United KingdomFranceCyprusMilitary service

Question 4: It was not uncommon for colonial armies to favour the races that had shown fiercest opposition to the initial conquest of a given territory (examples being the ________ of India and the Rif tribesmen of Morocco).
SikhismMazhabiSikh diasporaSikh

Question 5: The French and Portuguese colonies and enclaves in the ________ also raised sepoys.
Indian subcontinentAfricaSouth AsiaAsia

Question 6: After the British Raj took control in 1858, the sepoys formed the famous regiments of the ________, some of which survive to the present day in the national armies of Pakistan and India.
Indian Army (1895–1947)Indian Army during World War IGurkhaIndian Army during World War II

Question 7: The Regulares (Moorish infantry and cavalry) of Spanish Morocco played a major role in the ________ of 1936-39.
Francisco FrancoPOUMSpanish Civil War, 1936Spanish Civil War

Question 8: The ________ rotated large numbers of its regular troops through India and other overseas pocessions, augmenting the local colonial forces.
British ArmyRoyal Military PoliceBritish Armed ForcesTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 9: Some of the sepoys rebelled against the Company during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, or "Sepoy Mutiny", leading to the end of ________.
Company rule in IndiaColonial IndiaEast India CompanyBritish Raj

Question 10: The sepoys of the ________ were a major early example.
Dutch East India CompanyEast India CompanyChartered companyFrench East India Company


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