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Question 1: Standartenführer was a separate SS rank in ________ and was not used in the Wehrmacht
NazismAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyAxis powers

Question 2: Since the 16th century, the rank of regimental commander was adopted by several Central and Eastern European armies, most notably the forces of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ________ and then Muscovy.
CossacksZaporozhian CossacksKuban CossacksBohdan Khmelnytsky

Question 3: The ________, a successful team in the American Basketball Association
ABA–NBA merger1975 ABA PlayoffsKentucky Colonels1974–75 Kentucky Colonels season

Question 4: Vatican City State (now consisting of a single branch, the ________)
Swiss GuardPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPope

Question 5: A colonel is typically in charge of a ________ in the army.
Division (military)CorpsCompany (military unit)Regiment

Question 6: By the late 19th century, colonel was a professional military rank though still held typically by an officer in command of a ________ or equivalent unit.
RegimentCompany (military unit)Division (military)Corps

Question 7: As a rank the term arose in the late sixteenth century ________ where it referred to the officer in charge of a column (Italian colonna, plural colonne) or field force.

Question 8: Today, a colonel is usually a military title rated as the highest, or the second-highest field rank below the ________, or "flag" grades.
Brigadier GeneralMilitary rankSecond LieutenantGeneral officer

Question 9: Pukovnik (________, Croatia, Serbia)
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoAlbaniaMontenegro

Question 10: (The head of a single ________ or demi brigade would be called a mestre de camp or, after the Revolution, a chef de brigade.)
CorpsDivision (military)Company (military unit)Regiment

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